Rehearsal Room / Music Studio 

VENTspace is begining to launch it's on-site music studio facilities...

We are starting to take bookings for our new space - a music studio designed to cater to bands in need of rehearsals and jams, as well as  music production and demo-ing.

If you are interested in booking the space, please fill out and submit the form embedded below. 

Equipment in the room:

Our Rehearsal Room / Music Studio is located at 23 Glenelg St, South Brisbane.
- x1 Car Park available on-site per booking. Note your car registration in the notes as we are a tow away zone and refer to our list of approved registrations on-site.
- Garage door access to the studio for easy bump in / bump out. Note if you need us to open up for you!

- If bookings are made less than 24 hours in advance, a late fee will be added to your invoice. This includes bookings made by current VENTspace residents.
- Bookings are still not confirmed until the invoice is paid in full.

Contact the Residency Manager before your session for more information at

If you are new to VENTspace, a VENTspace Manager will organize to give an induction to our space and will remain on-site for the duration of your booking!

The studio is situated adjacent to the Resident Artist areas in VENTspace and an appropriate level of respect is expected when using the communal facilities (kitchen / bathrooms). Managers reserve the right to cancel your booking if the room or equipment is mistreated or inappropriate conduct is reported.