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VENTspace is a coworking space, shooting studio and event venue that aims to encourage and facilitate creativity in Meanjin // Brisbane - providing a safe place for people to create, collaborate and celebrate. 

Located in the inner-city suburb of South Brisbane, VENTspace is home to over 30 resident artists. Ranging from musicians, filmmakers, photographers, creative writers, fashion designers and visual artists - the VENTspace residents utilise their private work spaces and the communal facilities to express and establish themselves in a creative, yet professional environment.

 Members of the public can also book 

the shooting studio / event space at 

artist-friendly rates.

VENTspace  represents a vision of a loving society where everyone can feel welcome and express themselves. Cultivating and encouraging this art-positive energy is VENTspace’s primary objective. By following through with this vision, VENTspace  is quickly establishing itself  in the Meanjin // Brisbane art community – providing a welcoming home to endless creatives and their projects.

VENTspace operates on Jagera and Turrbal land. We respectfully acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging who have been bringing people together through many art forms for millenia. 

Visual artis Madeline Holt shares her process as a Meanjin creative and her experience using VENTspace as a safe place for expression, trial and error,

and building scale.

Australian contemporary and post-graffiti artist Jordache blessed our space with a massive abstract mural painted over the course of a week. 

In his own words he describes his process and the meanings behind his work.